A safe space for all

We work tirelessly to create a safe space open to all and for all. No matter your background, ethnicity, disability, sexual preferences or gender identity, we will always provide a safe and secure environment for you.

All centres have gender neutral toilets, LGBTQ+ displays and information, EDI displays and information. Staff have had Safe zone training, and implement within the centres.

All centres have secure access and Safeguarding rules and guidelines are followed.

Risk assessments are undertaken on the buildings, rooms, and individual events covering security, health and safety as well as safeguarding and individual needs.

"We believe every child should be able to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, we also believe parents deserve access to help and advice."

Contact us

Get in touch with our staff today at your local centre to see how we can help your family and children. Simply follow the links below to find your best contact method.

Bartongate: 01452 417593

Finlay: 01452 530312

Kaleidoscope: 01452 520182

Hilltop: 01594 827595

River: 01594 842589

Stonehouse: 01453 821012

The Link: 01452 560451

The Oaks: 01452 526856

Treetops: 01453 656904