Who we are

Our service supports vulnerable children from pre-birth to 11 years old and their families living within the Forest of Dean, Gloucester City and Stroud. Providing solution and outcome focused targeted intervention services

Our mission

We are an inclusive, needs led service for families and their children, from pregnancy to 11 years old.  We support change and growth through working with hope, positivity and empowering people.

Key values 

Embedded into the TFS service delivery model are: 

  • Respecting the unique worth of every person.
    We believe that every person is different but equal, and that everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged.
  • Encouraging people to fulfil their potential.
    We all need encouragement at some time in life. Barnardo’s aims to create opportunities for people to make the most of their abilities.
  • Working with hope.
    Our hope for a better future for all children is the source of much of our inspiration.
  • Exercising responsible stewardship.
    The commitment of our staff and volunteers to making the best use of all our resources enables us to help children, young people and their families across the UK.

Together, our Basis and Values help us to give every child the chance to fulfil their potential.


Working in partnership with us, your business can support the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people while strengthening your brand and meeting your corporate social responsibilities.

For us it's all about shared brand values, commercial benefits, engaging key stakeholders and transforming lives.

Get in touch to find out about the range of great opportunities and excellent support we offer.

Where we work

As a local support service for the people of Gloucestershire we are uniquely placed to offer you and your family the best support. Follow our links below to find your local office and contact information or for events and activities in your area.

Image of Gloucester

Gloucester City

Image of Forest and Shroud

Forest & Stroud

Our activities

Take a moment to look at our latest events coming up in your area. We are constantly working on expanding our offers and services so please check back or apply to our mailing list for our update newsletter.

  • Bartongate CFC – Baby Steps – 0-9 Months - November 3, 2021