Parenting Programmes

Rockpool ACES – Virtual based on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) (which are stressful events occurring in childhood that can negatively influence how individuals live their lives.)

This programme aims to looks at the impact of ACES on individuals and how this affects them and their children. It supports parents to develop the protective factors that helps mitigate the impact on the ACES experiences. Practical methods are explored to develop the resilience they need for themselves and their children. The course does not revisit the trauma but looks at how trauma effects our behaviour, activates triggers and influences our life choices.

Rockpool Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

The recovery toolkit wants to inspire hope, build self worth, and support families to move forwards with a positive outlook on their future.

Parent toolkit:

During the 12 weeks we are going to look at;

negative thoughts and changing them to positives, what is abuse and its effects on relationships, boosting self esteem, coping with toxic stress, how abuse impacts our parenting styles, positive self-talk, being assertive, managing conflicts, boundaries and trust, processing the grief cycle, healthy relationships and  positive outlooks for the future.

Children’s toolkit (5-11 years):

During the 8 weeks we are going to look at; negative thoughts and changing them to positives, boosting self-esteem, different families, identify and self worth, managing our feelings and looking at healthy relationships.

  • Please book via Family Information service 
  • The Solihull Approach Parenting Programme – aims to support parents in building positive and responsive relationships with their children.
  • Open for parents of children aged 0-5 or 5-18 years – choose the most appropriate or complete both.
  • Aimed at families who are experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties with their children.
  • 10 week course, 2 hours per week for 9 weeks with a follow up session.
  • Certificate upon completion.

Please book via Family Information service  Webster Stratton Incredible Years (3- 11yrs) 12 weeks
An evidence based parenting programme with a focus on strengthening parent-child interactions, nurturing relationships, reducing punitive discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional and language development. The programme, aimed at children aged 3 to 11years, is founded on social learning theory. To promote positive parenting
improve parent-child relationships
reduce critical and physical discipline and increase the use of positive strategies
help parents to identify social learning theory principles for managing behaviour
improve home-school relationships

Please book via Family Information service 

You and Me, Mum – Face to Face sessions

10 week programme available

You and Me, Mum is a programme for mothers who have experienced domestic abuse focussing on the impact on their role as mothers and the effects of domestic abuse on children.  The programme empowers women to reflect on their parenting and make positive changes for them and their children to move forward following the abuse.

Please book via Family Information service